About the Village Hall

The Merton Coronation Hall, as it was then known, was given to the Parish of Merton in the 1950’s by the late Lord Walsingham.  The hall is situated in the Village, just off the Green but started life in Westmere Farm and was moved to Merton Park when the battlefield area came into being.

The hall was moved to its present site in 1971, and was run successfully as a meeting place for some years.  A Charitable Trust was established in 1977, and the Parish Council are the Custodian Trustees. The hall gradually started losing money, and by the 1980’s the maintenance costs were far more than the income generated, and it fell into disuse.

The Parish Council managed to register ownership of the Village Hall with the Land Registry in 2013, and explored options to replace or refurbish the hall.  In 2015 parishioners opted for a refurbishment of the whole building.  In response to the parishioners’ choice, the Parish Council launched the Village Hall Restoration Project.

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