About the Parish Council

The Parish Council was inaugurated in 1972, replacing the Parish Meeting which had been held for many years.

There are five Councillors.  A new Council is elected every five years.  All registered electors can vote at these elections. Registered electors can also stand for election.

The Parish Council is funded by Precept. The precept is collected by Breckland District Council via the Council Tax, and distributed to the Parish Council.

The Parish Council is subject to various statutes.  The following sets of rules have been adopted to govern how business is conducted:

Parish Councillors’ Declarations of Interests can be found on the Breckland District Council web site.  These written rules are reviewed annually.

By law, all Parish Council business is conducted in public, by means of regular Parish Council Meetings. This is to enable parishioners to be aware of, and be able to question, how their precept is being spent, and what other decisions the Parish Council is taking on their behalf.

The Parish Council welcomes all parishioners to these meetings either to listen or to put questions.

Parishioners attending meetings are not allowed to speak, except during Parishioners’ Question Time.  At that time questions can be asked, or problems raised about any parish business, whether or not it is on the agenda.  All questions should be addressed to the chairman.

The Parish Council is also the Custodian Trustee for the Village Hall, and as such appoints the Village Hall Management Committee.

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