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Merton Village Hall

Renovation Project

In view of the historic interest of Merton Village Hall, and the expressed wishes of the parishioners, a Renovation Project has been set up by the Parish Council. The Renovation Project aims to repair and improve the hall so that it meets modern legal requirements for public buildings.  The hall will then be available for hire by parishioners, and others, which will provide funds for future repairs and running costs.  The renovation costs will be met by a combination of grant funding and other fundraising initiatives by the parishioners.

The Parish Council is in the process of preparing various grant applications.  A Working Party has been set up to support parishioners’ fundraising activities.  Members of the Working Party are:

  • Dawn Beaney
  • Heather Goodwin
  • Jayne Wesley-Smith
  • Madge Macro
  • Mikey Goodwin
  • Tony Quadling


The Working Party members are now actively fundraising and would greatly appreciate any help and support with the following ideas:-


  • Collect all those unwanted coppers that weigh down your pockets and turn small change into helping towards the village hall renovation project. Heather and Mikey, 9 The Green, Merton have very kindly offered to process your offerings. Please drop off your coppers to Heather and Mikey on the second Monday of each month (starting 12th June). You will be provided with a receipt.  News of the amounts collected will be published frequently in the Waylander and on-line.
  • Whenever you buy anything online, you could be raising a free donation for the ‘Merton Village Hall Renovation Project’. We have signed up the ‘MVHRP’ with – there are nearly 3,000 retailers including Amazon, John Lewis, Argos, ebay, car insurance and holiday companies, plus lots of other household names. The retailers will donate a percentage of the amount you spend to ‘MVHRP’ to say thank you for shopping with them.

It’s really simple and doesn’t cost you anything. To register and start shopping go to .  All monies collected will be transferred directly into the special fundraising bank account of the Parish Council.

  • ‘Pledge-a-Plank’
    Parishioners, friends of Merton, and local businesses will be invited to ‘Pledge-a-Plank’ (Dawn Beaney). There are three types of ‘plank’:


Individual ‘plank’ £15
Family ‘plank’ £50
Business ‘plank’ £500

Once the renovation is completed, a permanent record of all those who have pledged a plank will be put on display in the Village Hall.

  • ‘Concert in the Church’
    We hope to hold concerts and other events in the Church for fundraising purposes.  Funds raised, using the Church as the venue, will be shared between the Parochial Church Council and the Merton Village Hall Restoration Project.  We are hoping that the first concert will be held in September.  Further details will be published on the website and in the Waylander (Merton Mirror).

News of all the amounts collected will be published regularly, both on the website and also in the Waylander (Merton Mirror). The Working Party would be delighted to welcome new members to help, and also to hear of any other suggestions for fundraising.

  • ‘Merton Get Together’
    Following the events held on the Merton Village Green last year and the year before, there will be a further event taking place on Sunday 11th June, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.  This event will be fundraising, and will be open to all parishioners and any other ‘Friends of Merton’ who might want to join us.  There will be a BBQ and later tea and cakes will be served.  We will be displaying historical information about Merton, and also the latest plans for the renovation, as well as all our fundraising ideas. We will be inviting your comments and suggestions.  There will be a small charge for the BBQ and the teas.  There will also be some competitions for the children. Any donations will be warmly received.

Any questions about the fund raising, please contact the Parish Clerk 01362 821037 or email [email protected]


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  1. Liz Sutton says:

    Really enjoyed yesterday on the Green my first visit … wish I lived locally as would really love to help raise funds for the Village Hall. The Sutton family used the hall a lot over the years and it was part of life living in a Village to attend functions and use the Village Hall. Think it’s very sad to see it in such sad repair. Lottery Funding would be great and understand Rosemary is trying this route… let’s hope it works. I live in Surrey so unable to help as such but could do some fund raising especially that both Mum & Dad are no longer with us … maybe something for me to think about in the coming months … will get my thinking cap on as I like organising events and raising money …. thanks again and Heather’s cake was fantastic! Thanks Liz Sutton

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